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Use Radisson Rewards Now

Did you know that for now, you can exchange Choice Privilege Rewards to Radisson Rewards at a 1:2 ratio? Those rewards can be used for Radisson Rewards Americas (or Radisson Rewards after 1:1 conversion)? The winners in that are those acquiring Radisson Rewards from Choice Hotels points, in my opinion, & not the other way around.

Here's why:

During Recent Optimal Bargains, Radisson Rewards Points Cost 67% (instead of 50%) v Choice Privilege Rewards

Choice Hotel Rewards Are Easier to Acquire

Comparing TPG Valuations of a 2:3 ratio (instead of 1:2)

Use These Primarily on Radisson Rewards Americas, not in the Eastern Hemisphere

Radisson Rewards Can be Used for Non-Family Members - Choice Can't

If you bought Choice Hotels points at a rate of .52 cents each, here's an example where you can convert Choice Hotels Rewards to Radisson Rewards Americas & get approximately 3x your value, during the Annapolis Boat Show running from October 12-15th:

If purchased directly in $, those dates would be $1047.51.

Image courtesy Radisson Hotels Americas

If you used points, that same booking would be 135k points, and if those points were purchased via Choice at .52 cents each and then converted to Radisson Rewards, the cost would be (.0052/2)*135000=$351


Image courtesy Radisson Hotels Americas

We don't yet have a date on when the 2 programs will be merged, but when they are, your Radisson Rewards Americas points will be driven to Choice Hotels Rewards at a 2:1 ratio. Book Radisson now while you can. If you are done with all your Radisson Points, consider converting some Choice Hotels Rewards to Radisson & booking more Radisson Rewards Americas.

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