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Abbreviations & Designations:

A. Alliances

SA= Star Alliance including being able to use points to fly US partner United

OW = OneWorld including being able to use points to fly US partner American Airlines

ST = Sky Team including being able to use points to fly US partner Delta

B. Transfer Partners

Amex Membership Rewards (Amex MR)

Capital One (Cap 1) While these transfer 2 points to 1.5 miles with most carriers, you are earning effectively 1.5 miles on general spending on their annual fee miles cards prior to any bonuses, and they have a decent amount of bonuses with some different partners, so I like it.

Chase Ultimate Rewards (Chase UR)

Citi Thank You Points

(While Marriot is a partner of many airlines, much more than any above transfer partner, I don't include Marriott because I typically don't recommend a transfer from Marriott points to miles except in rare cases with specific redemptions in mind or doing a bonus promo period, i.e. a pricey multiple stopover short-haul itinerary on AA through partner JAL. The value on Marriott itself is often better & more difficult to obtain through other means.).

C. % by transfer partner: the highest recently recorded promo transfer from a partner in the past year since input

Points Promos for Flights

Flight Links for Options with Points w TPG Valuations & transfer partners

Check Google Flights (including carry on bag) 1st which includes non-alliance airlines like JetBlue (free wifi & best domestic economy seats), Allegiant (Bags $), & Spirit (Bags $) but does not include SouthWest (2 free bags but different seating).

Star Alliance

One World​

British Airways Avios 1.5 (Chase UR, Amex MR)

Ideal for US short haul direct flights that may be cancelled & NYC-Europe in some cases

Etihad 1.4 (Amex MR, Cap1(US call 877 690 0767. 24/7. Ideal for long-distance domestic RT when no cancellation possibility & available on AA for 25k & >35k Iberia (to factor in 40% transfer bonus). Partners

Sky Team

Non-alliance with no big US domestic partners where points can be used effectively

Hotel Discounts or points back

Flight Hotel Points Purchases

Extra Links


This section is still in the editing process. Thanks for your patience. 

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