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Capital One Travel Portal Airlines

Image courtesy Capital One

In this article I go over a number of cases where Capital One's travel portal covers an airline. In rare cases, it doesn't. While this list is not comprehensive throughout the world, the following airlines did not appear in my research on the Capital One Travel Portal:

Breeze (US)

Southwest (US)

Norse Atlantic (EU)

Ryanair (EU)

I'd love to hear if you find more airlines that aren't showing up. According to what I read, those attempting to call in were unsuccessful in getting airlines to book over the phone if they weren't visible in the portal.

US Airlines Seen as of 3/16/2024

US Airlines Not Seen as of 3/16/2024

Non-US North American Carriers Seen

Central/South American Carriers Seen

European Carriers Seen

European Carriers Not Seen

Middle Eastern Carriers Seen

African Airlines

Asian Airlines

Australian Airlines


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