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Credit Card Benefits

Benefits other than for hotels & airlines

World Elite Mastercard (most have an annual fee but some do not like my legacy Citi Dividend. Achieve high credit limit on no annual fee card like the Citi Double Cash to become eligible for free upgrade to world elite by request)

Visa Signature (has a number of benefits. Most have an annual fee but some do not like the Wells Fargo Visa Signature which is nice for a no annual fee card when combined with the Wells Fargo Propel if you don't already have better alternatives that often include an annual fee.

Many Amex Cards (have a number of benefits. Most with high benefits have a hefty annual fee like the Amex Platinum & Amex Business Platinum but even some of their no annual fee cards like the Blue Business Plus are solid options due to the points earning power when spending up to $50,000 per year per card despite the absence of many benefits. 

Best option for rental car status (Oct 2019) & insurance coverage: World Elite Mastercard but not most Citi cards for insurance,  Amex Platinum & business Platinum, Chase Sapphire Reserve (including on CSR primary insurance on 1.5 cents per point rental car bookings despite the poor value at 1.5 cents per point for Chase UR compared to alternatives w/ Chase UR) & many others

Best option for roadside assistance (Oct 2018): Chase Sapphire Reserve & others (not including Amex cards in 2020) 

Cell Phone Coverage: A # of cards including Chase Ink Preferred, Wells Fargo personal cards, World Elite Mastercard 

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