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Tools (free) for budgeting

Distance Calculator (elite qualifying miles baseline)

$ back purchasing or points back engines (especially Rakuten (formerly Ebates) if you sign up for getting Amex MR instead of $)

Free Taxes -

Utility Bill Optimization

While solar, increased insulation on older homes, & other renewables are an ideal option for those living in a home long enough to make those pay for themselves, for those where renewables don't make sense, I recommend combining the US Bank Cash + card's 5% cashback with Arcadia power's waived credit card processing fees & shift to limited renewables while maintaining your current electric bill. That said, while I have signed up for Arcadia & reaped the rewards without the fees, I haven't applied for the $+ card yet due to higher net yields from other cards on other purchases from combined sign up bonuses & everyday spending, not including utilities. A credit card consultation could help you determine if that card or others are better for you since prioritization of which card to get first is so complex. I would be grateful to receive a small commission from Arcadia power if you opt for that route.

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