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Credit cards can you get you free meals before (or after) flights at some airports, free meals at some hotels, reservation dining perks, & your dining using Open Table can fuel a lesser-known hotel point type. Below I also go over using Tripadvisor for selecting where to dine & the best credit cards for dining out.

Reservations, narrowing down by price, looking on a map, with reviews

While options are very limited in smaller towns, it can be excellent in big cities

Use any points you get for hotels (worth 2 cents each), not for dining

OpenTable DC.jpg
OpenTable 757.jpg

The Best credit cards for dining highly depend on the person, but include the 2 Wells Fargo card combo for 4.5% return with no annual fee, & for higher potential returns when the annual fee is justified, the Chase Sapphire Reserve (3 pts/$ & on travel spending with excellent purchase protections including me paying nothing for damage done to a totalled rental car I was driving in the Vail area downhill in snow with 2 cars stopped in the middle of the road which the police deemed my fault since I didn't get the info from the other cars), Amex Gold card (4 pts/$ on dining & groceries, & Citi Prestige (5 pts/$ & on air travel; 3 pts/$ on cruise lines & hotels). To see which is best for you, request a free consultation here where referral links, if used (some recommended cards, like the Citi Prestige & Wells Fargo cards above, are ones where I don't have referral links but will still recommend them as above), help to keep this site available & updated

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