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Layover Connection Times

Above - United Lounge Terminal C - Near 124 - rated 4/4 stars on Lounge Buddy (which is rare) - image by Adam

  • My Typical Scenario Where I Have Solid Lounge Access Freely Available & Mobile Work Flexibility

  • My Personal Preferences for Long Layovers in Lounges If Not More Expensive, No Events to Miss, Etc.

  • Lounge Policy Differences Before Initial Departure vs Layovers

Factors that Determine the Ideal Connection Time:

  • Minimum Connection Time Determined by Airline

  • Airline Minimum Connection Times are Often Too Short to Make It

  • How Fast Can You Move in the Airport?

  • Do You Need to Check Bags?

  • The Airport Size/Efficiency You are Transiting Through

  • Worst Airports for On-Time Connections

  • Will You be Freely Accessing a Lounge? If So, Is It a Good One?

  • Maximum Connection Time Determined by Airline

  • Travel Protections (i.e. use the right credit card)

  • What Will Happen if You Miss a Flight?

  • What Will You Miss if You Have a Long Layover?

  • How Long Before Departure Does Boarding Stop?

  • Airline Reliability

  • Special Needs Not Possible in Flight

What To Do if You Have a Short Connection:

  • Don't Check Bags & Tips on Checked Bags if You Do

  • Skip the Lounge

  • If Not Too Short of a Connection, Prioritize Lounge Accessibility Over Quality

  • Skip the Full Mobile Office Set Up

  • Check Lounge Wait Times (if possible)

What To Do if You Have a Long Connection:

  • If Long Enough of a Connection, Prioritize Quality Over Accessibility

  • Engage the Full Mobile Office Set Up

  • Engage More Long Term Amenities

  • Consider Lounge Hopping


Above: Centurion Lounge at LGA - image by Adam

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