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New Orleans Cheap $ or Miles Flights Widespread as low as $121

Scott’s Cheap Flights, followed by TPG, have reported on a solid fare sale to New Orleans.

As reported by TPG:

"Deal Basics

Airlines: American, Delta, United, Spirit (& not reported by TPG, but be sure to include Breeze)

Routes: New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Austin and others to New Orleans

How to book: Directly through the airline or Google Flights

Travel dates: August through October"

I suggest checking from your local airport.


I'm seeing options for as low as 14k Delta miles +$12 in basic economy or 19k +$12 in standard economy round trip from Richmond. That said, the value is only 1.17 cents per point, so the $ rates (as low as $164 RT) are the main strong point here.


If looking for $ rates, be sure to not exclude Breeze airways. Breeze is the only direct option to New Orleans from some smaller airports like Richmond International for me, with flights I'm seeing as low as $121 round trip, but keep in mind that's without a carry on.

I'm also seeing:

United flights as low as $87 one way,

Delta as low as $88 (or 7k) one way,

Southwest flights (not fully present in Google Flights options) as low as 6052 pts (or $102)

(Images courtesy

1 way & AA as low as $102 (or 10.5k - not worth it) one way.

  1. I start out with all 3 local airports easily driveable for me for a 1 way:

2. I add the destination airport(s) and a date:

3. I filter out Spirit & Frontier due to their poor quality (though some don't mind them):

4. You can add a carry on bag/checked bag here as well if desired.

5. I sometimes add minimum departure and max arrival times, like so:

6. I add duration max:

I then check the calendar view by clicking on the date section:

7. I locate some solid options and then check the corresponding return itineraries.

Note: sometimes a return is significantly better than a 1 way, even a lower total cost than a 1 way at times, but it's still nice to start with 1 way pricing in my opinion.

For more info, see:

For low point cost places to stay in New Orleans, excluding some poorly rated options, check out my category 1 map:

For options along the same lines if you use Open Table, keep in mind Kayak Open Table options, such as the following sort features, each of which is 4k points +$22:

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