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NYC-Norway <$250 Round Trip on Top 20 Economy Carrier Air France

If you're near NYC or would consider a positioning drive/flight/train ride, it's not every day that you can get to Europe and back for just over $200 on one of the top 20 economy carriers in the world, Air France (ranked #17 by Skytrax).

In case you're unfamiliar with those rankings, no US carrier is in the top 20.

If flexible on carriers (i.e. an itinerary with Air France on the way there and KLM, & Delta on the return), there are lots of dates possible.

You will need to be traveling round trip to see numbers this good. I checked for the first flights to France, where the layover is at, and the prices for those flights alone are more expensive. I also checked DC to Oslo flying Air France, and it didn't appear to have nearly as good of #s.

You won't have much legroom once in Europe, but besides that, it's solid.

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