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Lounge Access When You have the Ritz Carlton Credit Card & Amex Platinum Charge Card

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Due to the complexity of lounge access, I felt that this element of a 2 card strategy of the Chase Ritz Carlton Credit Card & the Amex Platinum deserved its own post.

Above: LGA Centurion Lounge Meal Available

The Basics:

Carry your Ritz Carlton Credit Card, Amex Platinum, & the Priority Passes from each card when traveling.

Rely on the Loungebuddy App for Access Information & When Selecting Lounges

Lounge Ratings on Loungebuddy

General Access Rules

Best Lounges Upon Arrival

Best Lounges for Groups

Guides for Lounge Groups You have Access To

Types of Lounges:

Traditional (Meals, Rest, Wifi, Comfort, Drinks, & More)

Gameway (Playing Video Games)

Minute Suites (Rest in Privacy & Quiet)

Restaurants (Traditional Restaurants with a $27-$30/person credit)

Spas (Free treatment)

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