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Great Opportunity for Big Spenders w/ New Chase Freedom Unlimited Sign Up Bonus for 3x 1 Yr No Cap

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Image courtesy Chase

If you're a big spender (i.e. >$50k on general spend/yr), now's a great time to get the Chase Freedom Unlimited (CFU) IF you plan to convert all cashback to Chase Ultimate Rewards to use on transfer partners like Hyatt. You'll get a cashback match at the end of your first year, so instead of 1.5% back, you'd get 3% total. It's also unlimited, and that's only happened once that I recall, and it was brief. 3% isn't that exciting, but the ability to convert 3% to 6% (factoring in the $.02/pt TPG valuation of the cents when converted to Chase Ultimate Rewards), and get even more than 6% in redeemed value if you exceed the TPG valuation (which is pretty easy to do with partners like Hyatt) makes this offer very compelling for big spenders.

Spending Needs For This Promo to be Good? The More the Better. At Least $15k if You Already Wanted it, & At Least $50k if You didn't already want it as a keeper card or card to convert to another card (i.e. Freedom Flex)

Get Max Value Via Conversion to Ultimate Rewards

How to Enable Conversion to Ultimate Rewards

What if You Just Want 3% Cashback & You're a Business Owner? There's a Better Alternative Than CFU

Is 3% Cashback Good In Itself Without the Ultimate Rewards Value Boost? That's Debatable.

Bonus Categories of Chase Freedom Unlimited

Alternatives for 3% or close on general spending:

What if You Just Want 3% Cashback & You're Looking to Use a Personal Credit Card? There May Be Better Alternatives Than CFU

2.5%-2.625% Cashback Ongoing on General Spend w/ No Annual Fee

2.8% on General Spending When Redeemed for Amtrak Train Travel for No Annual Fee

Referral links at least from my account don't apply for this offer, but you can apply for it directly via a link I found on CNBC here.

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