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Google Flights

Updated: Jan 13

One of the best spots to check for cheap flights (notably excluding SouthWest) is on Google Flights. Generally, you'll find cheaper options booked a month or more out, with options on some carriers being cheapest as soon as they are available to book (i.e. SouthWest).

Enter Departure City/Cities/Airports, & Consider Looking for 1 Way Pricing 1st; The More Cities You Enter, the Lower the Prices You Might Find

Flexible To Field Options

Narrow by Price

Look Out for Google Pop Ups

Explore Using the Date Grid & Price Graph

Flexible Dates

Avoid Phantom Options On the Left with No Pricing

Play with the Map Visually To Expose Hidden Options You Won't Find Otherwise Due to a Persistent Google Maps Glitch

Consider Hiding Separate Tickets (Or Not)

Set Price Alerts

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