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Disney+ Subscription Amex Offer 100% Rebate for 6 months

This Amex offer is solid (though not as good as the prior targeted bundle offer) since it is a rebate on the full Disney+ cost (or solid subsidy on one of their bundle versions).

It's available on many of my/my dad's Amex cards, including:

Business cards:

Blue Business Plus,

Amex Business Platinum,

Bonvoy Business,

Delta Business Reserve Business Gold

Personal cards:

Amex Gold,

Bonvoy Brilliant

We didn't find it on:

Amex Platinum,

Delta Skymiles Blue,

Delta Platinum,

Delta Skymiles Reserve

If wanting to subsidize one of the bundle versions, here are the prices:

I also encountered some similar entertainment options, though nothing as good as the Disney+ option in my opinion:

While I'm late to the party, see more discussion on the topic by Doctor of Credit here.

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