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Referral Link Rules for Facebook Travel Hacking Group

Image courtesy Facebook

In this article, I wanted to share exclusively about those rules currently present in my travel hacking Facebook group that pertain to referral links. Keep in mind that these rules change over time, so check the group rules for the most up-to-date information. To go to the most up-to-date group rules, go here and then scroll down to the group rules. Expand the sections below for more details that are key to understanding the rules.

No Predatory SPAM Posts - Not all credit/debit cards are good for most people. Moderators may ask questions to discern the value added or removed to people in the group.

Duplicate Posts & Limits On Referral Link Volume

Disclosure of financial incentive for referrals (most often broken rule on referral links)

Limits on # of posts

Importance of Accuracy Especially w Referral links

Answer moderators promptly or tell them you will.

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