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How to spend 32000 Lifemiles

Updated: Jan 5

With 32000 miles, you can currently get:

1. 2 round-trip tickets to a number of East Coast destinations (primarily NE) as well as Chicago (ORD) in the MidWest & parts of Eastern Canada like Toronto, Quebec, & Montreal.

2. Norfolk to Austin or a # of other cities like Chicago flying 1st class round trip for 1 person.

One of my past best uses of Lifemiles was on an economy 1 way from Chicago for 8000 miles booked around 24 hrs from the flight in place of my previous flight since I decided during the trip to come home a day early, but typically you won't get that high of value per point. The same itinerary in $ would have been around $500, yielding roughly 6 cents per point.

Canadian Examples: Norfolk to Toronto for 7500/person/1 way

One way examples per person:

Images Courtesy

Canadian Examples: Richmond to Quebec for 7500/person/1 way

Canadian Examples: Norfolk to Montreal for 7500/person/1 way

Here's an example if looking to fly 1 person, 1st class, to Austin for an extended journey where the miles and base taxes/fees for your trip would be covered with points & me covering the base taxes/fees:

Here's an example if 2 people are going to Chicago for a long weekend on a direct flight departing just a few days out and returning after a long weekend:

Here's the availability on Lifemiles for the departure:

The availability is there as well for either of the below returns, getting you a relatively good value per point:

While business availability isn't as easy to come by for that itinerary (while in some itineraries, business is easier to come by than economy), here's a round trip business/1st itinerary with current availability for a week-long journey of the same locations (ORF-ORD) where you'd be getting a respectable 2.8 cents per point in value:

I would be covering the taxes/fees listed above.

Image courtesy Google Flights

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