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Google Flights

One of the best spots to check for cheap flights (notably excluding SouthWest) is on Google Flights. Generally, you'll find cheaper options booked a month or more out, with options on some carriers being cheapest as soon as they are available to book (i.e. SouthWest).

Enter Departure City/Cities/Airports, & Consider Looking for 1 Way Pricing 1st; The More Cities You Enter, the Lower the Prices You Might Find

As soon as you go there and enter a departure city, before doing anything further, some decent options may pop up:

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To locate cheap spots, you may want to check the options that are easy to get to. For instance, in Hampton Roads, VA, you might check the options from PHF (Newport News), Richmond (RIC), & Norfolk (ORF) instead of just your closest airport.

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The more options you add, especially as you get into bigger cities, the cheaper the flights will be. Also, you may want to check based on 1 ways, though sometimes round trips can be heavily discounted vs the same flights booked one way each (in some cases less than either 1 way). Here's a search 1 way where I've added Washington to the mix:

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If adding Washington and departing from a location like SE VA, consider other big airports within the perimeter of you. DC (IAD & DCA) is around 3 hours away from me in SE VA, so it's not a bad idea to consider departure from Raleigh. Even Baltimore is within reach.

Flexible To Field Options

Narrow by Price

Look Out for Google Pop Ups

Explore Using the Date Grid & Price Graph

Flexible Dates

Avoid Phantom Options On the Left with No Pricing

Play with the Map Visually To Expose Hidden Options You Won't Find Otherwise Due to a Persistent Google Maps Glitch

Consider Hiding Separate Tickets (Or Not)

Set Price Alerts

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