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Getting >$.09/Capital One Mile w/ Etihad Miles on AA Close In Flight <500 miles + 50% Transfer Promo

Image courtesy Etihad

Despite a recent "devaluation", Etihad Miles are still a fantastic mileage currency, especially after adding recently with that devaluation significantly superior domestic options on AA vs what was available previously, especially for short haul &/or multi-leg flights (whereas previously, the only good domestic options were long haul one leg itineraries) under 500 miles (with plenty of viable options between 500-1000 miles as well, even at double the price).

My dad sent me an email this morning and follow up text about a flight he wanted tomorrow from Richmond to VA. We're 5 days from Christmas, so those aren't cheap in $. He was Delta Diamond, and Delta had a good direct flight going to where he wanted to go. The problem from my vantage point was the price, 34.8k Delta miles.

34.8k Delta Skymiles Screenshot for a main economy ticket

I wasn't going to book that blindly without checking some alternatives. The first alternative I checked was Etihad. Etihad had both economy & business class options with the same departing airport and destination airport around the same time. The face price of an economy ticket was 6k and it was 10k in business class.

Value Per Point (Without Factoring in Status Benefits)

Call Etihad (Not AA) to Add Frequent Flier # & Global Entry (TSA Pre Included) if Getting Errors Online (<15 mins for me)

What About Status & Seat Selection?

Missing Online Airport Code Combinations Didn't Take Long To Resolve

Speculative Transfer for 50% Promo

Sample of Alternative Viable but Inferior Mileage Currencies I Could Have Used

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