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Daily Getaways Deals Preview Live!

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

As reported by One Mile at a Time, Daily Getaways is back. Daily Getaways typically comes once a year and is typically the best round of points sales/gift card sales available all year with some chains. It's how my dad has almost all of his Hertz points & how many of my Choice Hotels points were acquired.

Below are, in my opinion, the best offers (excluding the offers for specific hotels within a larger program & offers with minimal available points where getting them is like a lottery) that are typically superior to recurring offers. Here I primarily quote, with minor helpful additions & integration of pictures, from the One Mile at a Time article on the subject:

"On Friday, July 22, 2022, Daily Getaways is selling discounted Best Western Rewards points. You’ll be able to purchase:

This is an opportunity to purchase Best Western Rewards points for 0.55 cents each."

After a purchase at that rate, I recommend using the points for one of their solid seasonal promos. Here are 2 we've seen in the past:

2021-22 - "up to 50% off the number of points required for a free night. During the December 6, 2021, to February 6, 2022, promotional period". Using points during either one of these periods, it was relatively easy to get 2x-4x value on a points purchase like this one that has come around before during prior Daily Getaways.

"On Tuesday, July 26, 2022, Daily Getaways is selling Choice Privileges points at a discount. You’ll be able to purchase:

  • 14,000 Choice Privileges points for $84 ($.006/pt)

  • 28,000 Choice Privileges points for $155 ($.0055/pt)

  • 42,000 Choice Privileges points for $220 ($.0052/pt)

  • 55,000 Choice Privileges points for $285 ($.0052/pt)

This is an opportunity to purchase Choice Privileges points for 0.52-0.6 cents each. This is significantly cheaper than the cost at which Choice Privileges sells points directly."

Choice Hotels has many solid options to maximize.

Here's one of my favorite examples available at the time of this writing a 4 bedroom suite at a highly rated hotel for an incredible 12k points per night ($62.40), or even better value per point (though more actual $), 6k points per night + $51:

With that in mind, & the full cost of the points stay in the previous images above, that shakes out to:

$1533.66/24000 points = $.064/pt in value

($1533.66-$102)/12000 points = $.119/pt in value

In other words, the 12k points per night, at $62.40 in points vs $766.83/night that's around 92% off in this example.

If looking for similar options, go here:

"On Wednesday, July 27, 2022, Daily Getaways is selling 20% discounted Marriott gift cards. You’ll be able to purchase:

  • A $100 Marriott gift card for $80

  • A $250 Marriott gift card for $200

  • A $500 Marriott gift card for $400"

While not nearly as potentially lucrative as the prior two offers, I could have used such an offer on a few recent Marriott stays.

The IHG offer on the 18th & Hilton offer on the 20th for points at half a cent each match the recurring offers for those amounts, and with no increased offer at other times that's better, should be considered. That said, they'll likely come around again soon if you missed it this time, unlike these other offers.

At the end of the day, Daily Getaways does it again.

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