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A Store Card is Now the Best Non-Bonus Category Mobile Wallet Option on $3k/Yr

Many in the points and miles world sneer at store credit cards, but they can be viable options in some cases, especially for big spenders at certain stores (i.e. contracting companies at Lowes). In rare cases, they're viable options even if you never spend at any stores associated with the brand, and this case is one of them. The Harris Teeter Rewards World Elite Mastercard offer may be too good to be true, and they may devalue it at some point, but for now, and likely as long as people don't catch on to what I'm about to share, it's a solid option for those with under $15k/yr in spending on non-bonus categories on credit cards.

My Former Banana Republic Store Credit Card: Closed for Inactivity

I used to have the Banana Republic credit card from high school (which has some perks including effectively 5% cashback on purchases at "Gap (including Gap Factory); Banana Republic (including Banana Republic Factory); Old Navy; and Athleta)", but that one got closed down for inactivity before I went beyond a casual user in the credit card game around the time I met my wife. At that time I needed to get in a better place in terms of credit and finances in order for a home purchase & marriage to make sense.

Why the Card is a Solid Keeper: 5% cashback on Mobile Wallet Spend up to $3k/yr with no Annual Fee

Sign Up Bonus: $100 after Spending $500

Why the Newer Nature of the Perk of the 5% on Mobile Wallet Purchases & the Sign-Up Bonus Give Me Pause on this Card, For Now

Card to Consider For those with >$9k/Yr in Eligible Mobile Wallet Spending

Similar Card to Get as a 2nd Card or as an option for Kroger Spenders & Big Gas Spenders

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