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New Year/Christmas Giveaway for Adam's Real Estate Clients

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This Christmas/New Year, I'm doing a giveaway to past clients who I've helped purchase or sell a real estate property & present active clients in my area.

1. The grand prize of that giveaway is in the form of airline miles, 80,000 with Avianca Lifemiles to be exact. In this post, I wanted to go over some of the best ways to maximize 80,000 Avianca Lifemiles, whether flying on Avianca itself, United, or one of its many other partners as part of Star Alliance (the biggest airline alliance in the world) & having additional partners (AeroMexico, GOL, Iberia). See my separate post dedicated to how that can be spent, from a few round trip economy flights to & from Europe, Mexico, Northern South America, the Caribbean, or Central America, to up to 6 domestic flights or up to 5 flights to closer parts of Canada like Toronto. I've dedicated a page to the options for it here, which in some cases can be worth over $5k.

2. Second place is 32k Lifemiles, enough

Flexibility for the redemption includes:

1. These are giftable, so if you are not in a good position to fly over the course of the next 2 years, consider a donation to a non-profit, family, etc. for others to be able to take advantage of it.

Restrictions for the redemption include:

1. 2-year expiration

2. I will be covering the the miles portion and any standard taxes and fees for the flights. If you wanted to add checked bags for a domestic economy flight, for instance, you would need to cover that.

3. We need to use as many miles as you're planning on using on a single trip, even if 2 itineraries along the same route in a time frame of under a month.

4. These miles will be coming directly out of my account for the booking so I will need details at the time of booking to accomplish that.

5. The program changes over time, and what's available at time of authorship may not be available in the future. If something mentioned above isn't available, whatever is actually available is how we can use the points.

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