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New 1 Amex Membership Reward Per 2 Dollars Debit Card

American Express® Rewards Checking Debit Card as reported on by TPG provides 1 Amex Membership Reward per 2 dollars spent. If you get <2 cents per point in value, like most, it doesn't make sense vs. a 1% cashback debit card. I like to keep debit cards in my wallet even if some don't get as good of value as credit cards since sometimes debit cards carry far lower or no fees with select merchants who upcharge for credit cards used. If you get 2 cents per point in value (the TPG valuation for the past few years as of 2/8/22) or more, it starts to make sense as a debit card. Considering that Amex MR can be worth >20 cents per point (i.e. for an ANA business class round the world itinerary), if you are really maximizing value, this option can be solid. While I won't be adding this one to my wallet in light of the fact that I'd prefer 2 cents in cash rather than 1 Amex MR (even if just to buy more points when on sale, i.e. 4 IHG points that are more difficult to acquire than 1 Amex MR) per 2 dollars spent on a non-bonus category debit card when debit cards make sense over credit cards, I've added this one to my list of viable debit card options, especially for those who are anti-credit card and looking to maximize value from points.

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