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Company Policy on Reimbursed Travel Expenses

Updated: May 20

In this article, I wanted to go over the standard company policy at Garrett Realty Partners for those who wish to pay for company travel themselves with their own credit card and then be reimbursed by the company for that expense.

Standard procedures: Adam Garrett Books Travel

Adam will typically be responsible for booking hotels, rental cars, train travel, & flights with the company's best option among points, over 30 credit cards, or a combination of both. If a checked bag &/or carry-on bag is needed and it's able to be booked upfront at the time of booking, Adam will do that. If it's unable to be added at booking, the employee should use their company card, if they have one, to pay for it. All other expenses incurred during and for travel that would be covered by company expenses should be paid for with their company credit card.

Introduction to Exceptions for Reimbursed Expenses

Airline Bookings Exceptions

Hotel Bookings Exceptions

Rental Car Exceptions

Personnel Exceptions

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