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Where Can I Get My Free Credit Score?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

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One of the most important questions, when you're thinking about a new credit card or a new installment loan like a mortgage, is your credit score.

The 3 main bureaus to keep in mind are Equifax, Transunion, & Experian, & it's important to get a "FICO" score rather than a "Vantage" score, with many "free" scores being Vantage scores (i.e. Creditkarma).

In rare cases, long-term monthly updated options for free legitimate FICO scores are available to the public where you can check your score every month, such as . In most cases though, you'll need either a bank account, a credit union account, or a credit card to get a free FICO score on a monthly basis, as most public "free score" websites use the Vantage score model. Keep in mind that the models can change over time as well, & please let me know if you encounter any of the below that is not up to date at the time you check.

Experian Options

Chase if you have the Chase Slate (& not with other cards where you'll only get the Vantage score) free account (the best Experian option, though every time you sign in they like to ask you if you want to "upgrade" though, which is a paid upgrade) (if you're an account holder)

Equifax Options

Transunion Options

Short Term Options

Get Your Free Full Annual Report

Vantage Scores to Not Pay Much Attention to


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