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TranzactCard Review

Image courtesy TranzAct Card W/ Text in Black at Bottom by Behind MLM, w TranzactCard Deleting Videos & Shifting After the Review Where The Same Person Would be losing $38/month instead.

I've seen a number of people ask me about TranzactCard or attempt to post about it on my travel hacking FB page. Another person attempted to sell me on it today. Here are my thoughts in brief, primarily with quotes directly from Tranzact, the FTC, & from other reviewers:

Disclosure: I'm not a CPA, CFA, or Attorney

Mind the fine print disclaimer at the bottom of the Tranzactcard website

Mind the FTC's warnings regarding determining whether something is a legitimate investment opportunity or a scam

TranzActCard Deleting Videos After BehindMLM Review Published

Check out reviews of TranzactCard by those who make reviews on similar subjects who seek to do so objectively, with no vested interest in the company

Check out the Chairman & Founder's Thick History w/ Business Flops & Fraud

Recent Developments

My thoughts on if this business could survive

My thoughts on if TranzactCard is worth your time

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