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The Best Choice Hotels Option in Value Per Point?

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Image courtesy Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels has many solid options to maximize. With a TPG valuation of only 6/10 of a cent per point, & options to purchase for as low as $.0052 a piece during Daily Getaways in recent history, below one of the options I'll be going over has an option that's 22.88x that value. I've seen rooms here going for as high as $1500/night, while the below example for about half of that amount. Below is also one of my favorite examples available (if you can find availability, which can be rough) of a 4-bedroom suite at a highly-rated hotel for an incredible 12k points per night ($62.40), or even better value per point (though more actual $ if purchased points via Daily Getaways), 6k points per night + $51:

$+Points & Points Only Rates: 12k Points or 6k Points +$51

$ Rates: >$750/night Sep 25-27 for 4 bedroom suite

$.064/pt-$.119/pt in Value Above

Seasonal Pricing

If looking for similar options, go here:


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