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Rakuten: My Favorite Automatic Chrome Option to Stack Points

Image courtesy Rakuten on my account

I have a few favorite Chrome installations for savings online (shopping as well as other things like online services) that tell me how many points per dollar I can get while shopping on a website:

  1. Rakuten (referral link where we can each get $30 after you spend $30)

  2. Alaska Mileage Plan Shopping

  3. Capital One Shopping

While I suggest having all downloaded, my favorite of the 3 by far is Rakuten in terms of being the typically best bet.

I recommend:

A. Getting all 3 including Chrome installations so that you're notified of what you'll get without having to spend time going on a separate website.

B. Get the Rakuten Cashback to convert to Amex Membership Rewards at a 1:1 ratio (which doubles the value according to TPG valuations)

C. If you have viable options with Alaskan Air Miles (even when flying other carriers), I generally recommend earning Alaskan Miles over Rakuten when Alaskan Air is offering more than Rakuten. It could be argued that when Alaskan is offering the same amount that you should go for the Alaskan miles because Alaskan Miles are more difficult to earn than Amex MR. In most cases, Alaskan Miles in my experience offers less than Rakuten, but watch out for when that's not the case.

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