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Radisson Rewards Americas Properties Integrated Into Choice Hotels (& The Former RHA Categories Map)

All images courtesy Choice Hotels

The integration is semi complete now with Choice Hotels being merged into Radisson Rewards Americas. I already felt that Choice Hotels was the most underrated option in the points community, but now I think that's even more true with the integration of Radisson Rewards Americas. Because it's so underrated and gets so little attention in the points community, it's especially important to do your own research beyond points bloggers. With most other points programs that are viable, they get a lot more attention, which inhibits availability, so with Choice, putting in that extra legwork can pay off big time.

Caribbean Top Tier Properties: Radisson Grenada Beach Resort ($.04/pt w points only or $.17/pt on $ + Points)

What I like

Map of Most Radisson Rewards Americas Properties in Former Tiers

Map of Some Higher Tier Properties to Consider Checking on with Radisson

What's Still Missing on Website

2-3 Bedroom Suites & Upgraded Rooms


Daily Getaways Deals Preview Live! (you could purchase Choice Hotels Rewards for about half a cent a point, & it's been happening for years)

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