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How to Acquire Wyndham Rewards

Image above Courtesy Wyndham

In this article I'll be going over how to acquire Wyndham Rewards most effectively.

The Wyndham Rewards Business Earner credit card is perhaps the best way to get Wyndham Rewards and is an easy pathway to reducing your redemption costs by 10%. The card pays for the $95 annual fee & more with 15k Wyndham Rewards granted to the cardholder every year just for holding onto the card and paying the annual fee. Additional perks like Wyndham Diamond benefits, great multipliers of 8x on Wyndham & gas, 5x on marketing, advertising, & utilities, are the cherries on top.

Wyndham also has some personal credit cards, like the Earner & Earner+ , each of which provide the 10% discount on go free awards, with the Earner+ being the better of the 2 and the one that holds an annual fee, but neither of those comes close to the value that comes with the Wyndham Business Earner. If you don't have a business currently, you might want to consider starting a little something, even being an Uber driver for once or twice a year, just in order to get access to business credit cards like this one.

Points Purchases

Capital One Credit Cards IF you are maxing out points purchases during promos already

Citi Thank You Rewards Credit Cards IF you are maxing out points purchases during promos already


Note on Points Expiration


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