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Free 6 Month Museums Subscription with Capital One

While many are aware of the fantastic ongoing museum options with Bank of America's Museums on Us program, which provides ongoing access to a few hundred cultural institutions in the US during the first full weekend of every month, Capital One has offered (for anyone with any of their credit cards) access to a smaller number (114) of museums, but with a global footprint, for 6 months.

As reported by TPG, whose article gave me some other ideas on this article, "Beyond simply covering your admission (which is included with membership), you have access to special events, tours, virtual events, art classes, early access to exhibits, skip-the-line privileges and more."

Unlike Bank of America's Museums on Us program, which only provides access to holders of a BoA (& some partners) credit/debit card, this membership provides access for you and up to 3 guests.

Enroll in the program here.

Since this offer is available until June 22, 2024, it's best to sign up right before you are able to take advantage of it. You'll need to cancel 6 months later if you don't plan to continue, so be sure to set up a reminder on your calendar if you do intend to not continue it.

A lot of the coverage of this story seems a bit tedious to get through, including from the producers of Cultivist, so I've created a spreadsheet to help in that regard. Feel free to click on it to expand, copy, & play with.

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