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GRP Company Air Travel Policy & Tips

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

In this post, I'll be going over the air travel policy at GRP.

Company Policies:


Changes to Itinerary

Your Frequent Flyer # Is Needed For Upgrade Eligibility on Delta (24 Hr Deadline)

$ Travel Expenses

Free Global Entry or TSA Pre Check for Expedited Security

Basic Economy

Upgrades Out of Pocket

Flight Times & Extra Hotel Nights

Travel Tips:

If seat changes are allowed or bags are allowed to be added to an itinerary in advance, it can typically, be done online using the name of the passenger and some form of reference # that is provided to the passenger at time of booking.

Airline Tutorials

Bag Fees

To Bring

Keep an Eye on Your Itinerary Prior to Departure for Changes

Things to Do

Frequent Flyer #

Lounge Access


Seat Selection


TSA Pre/Global Entry

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